Adolf Hitler’s grandson? French plumber hopes DNA test proves his claim


A French plumber is taking a DNA to prove he is Adolf Hitler’s grandson after his grandmother had a fling with the Fuhrer when she posed for one of his paintings.

Philippe Loret’s saliva will be matched with genetic material from pieces of skull and jaw bone reportedly belonging to the Nazi leader and held in a vault by the former KGB in Moscow.

The Frenchman is convinced his late father, Jean-Marie Loret, was Hitler’s illegitimate son conceived long before the tyrant led Germany into the Second World War.

Loret, 62, believes his grandmother Charlotte Lobjoie had a fling with the Nazi leader, then a young German corporal, fighting in northern France in the summer of 1916.


There is some evidence supporting Loret’s contention. As a child he recalls his father sitting him and his six siblings down and saying: ‘Kids, I’ve got something to tell you. Your grandfather is Adolf Hitler.’

Then there is the family likeness and the fact that his father – allegedly Hitler’s lovechild – had the same blood type as the Nazi leader.


A Hitler painting dated 1916 depicts the 19-year-old Frenchwoman as he met her – in the hayfields with a red scarf over her head blocking the sun.

Hitler was 28 at the time and she approached him when she first saw him to ask what he was painting. The baby was conceived after a ‘tipsy’ night.


Read full, original post: French plumber takes DNA test to prove he is Adolf Hitler’s grandson


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