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Viewpoint: Eat organic apples to improve gut health? There’s reason for skepticism

| | July 29, 2019

Yogurt marketing and supplement claims aside, there is no evidence that your body is impacted by probiotics unless you suffered a legitimate medical issue (as in you need an actual fecal transplant), yet like gluten-free diets probiotic foods have become a trend among people with extra money to spend. The same people who buy organic food.

For that wealthier demographic, a new paper has good news; organic food has a lot more bacteria, but the authors believe it might be a good thing.

To shore up their belief that organic apples must be healthier because, you know, organic, they bought conventional and organic apples and analyzed the parts …. and found that the organic apples had more diverse bacteria …. Some of those bacteria might maybe perhaps possibly be correlated to an increased chance of better health some day, like the Lactobacilli that yogurt marketing groups are always going on about.

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Read full, original health: Apples With Organic Fertilizer And Pesticides Contain More Bacteria Than Conventional

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