She’s baaaack! ‘Plandemic’ anti-vaccine disinformation ‘star’ Judy Mikovits now warning glyphosate, GMOs boost COVID-19 risk

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[In early May], I wrote about Plandemic, a viral video featuring disgraced scientist turned antivaxxer turned COVID-19 “Fire Fauci” conspiracy theorist and grifter Dr. Judy Mikovits. You’d think that, after a 6,000-word takedown of that 26 minutes of disinformation-filled conspiracyfest of a video there wouldn’t be anything left for me to say, but, hey, it’s Orac. There’s always something left to say!

[Editor’s note: Orac is David Gorski, a physician and science writer.]

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In this case, the reason is that, as bonkers as Plandemic was, it turns out that the director of the video, Mikki Willis, apparently restrained the ever excitable Dr. Mikovits to make her appear far more reasonable than she actually is ….

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To her the plandemic “can have to do with” pollution, 5G, GMOs, glyphosate, chemtrails, aluminum, and…get this…plutonium, which she describes as “dropping into our environment over time as we blow up satellites as we did last summer.” That’s right. Mikovits thinks that plutonium from satellites is one of the things fueling the pandemic.

Unsurprisingly, she also thinks that if you are exposed to glyphosate and don’t eat organic foods, you’re more likely to get very sick from COVID-19, and that it’s simple to treat it with vitamin C, vitamin D, oxygen, and all manner of woo.

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