GM Impossible Burger hits 200 grocery stories in Asia, as effort to ‘replace’ meat moves forward

Credit: Empress
Credit: Empress
[Impossible Foods’] flagship imitation beef product went on sale in 200 supermarkets across Hong Kong and Singapore on Tuesday. Impossible’s products are already available in restaurants in both regions.

The new markets underscore how important Asia will be for Impossible’s global expansion. The continent is responsible for 44% of the world’s meat consumption.”Our mission is to replace animals in the food system with a much more sustainable way of producing meat, fish, and dairy goods,” said Nick Halla, senior vice president for international at Impossible Foods. “In order to do that we knew we had to start in Asia very quickly.”

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Impossible plans to build “a full ecosystem of production” in mainland China with the eventual aim of making its products from scratch in-country rather than importing them, Halla said.

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China depends on imports for much of the meat its citizens consume, and plant-based alternatives could be essential to the country achieving self-sufficiency in meat supply, Impossible Foods’ founder and chief executive Patrick Brown said at the Fortune Global Sustainability Forum in September 2019.

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