Viewpoint: GMO ‘opposition based on emotion and dogma must be stopped’

Credit: Darren Braun
Credit: Darren Braun

Climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic have featured heavily in this presidential campaign and are without question two of the great battles we are currently facing that require scientific expertise.

But this mandate to lead with science must extend to all challenges where science is needed, including agriculture. The Biden administration will undoubtedly listen to scientists when it comes to agricultural decision-making. The public that voted in the name of science must do the same.

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Entrenched and misleading narratives on both GMO and organic production methods must be dismantled; the divisive rhetoric hinders progress that is urgently needed in order to create a more sustainable future.

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The vast majority of the scientific community agrees on the safety and potential of genetically engineered crops. Over 150 Nobel Laureates signed an open letter supporting genetically engineered crops in 2016 that stated, “Opposition based on emotion and dogma contradicted by data must be stopped.” The American public cannot have selective hearing when we say we will listen to scientists. We need to fight for the facts on genetic engineering and for the validity of the experts in this field the same way we fight for data and truth on climate change. We need to come together to focus on evidence to make decisions instead of letting old emotional battles divide us and block solutions.


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