The pandemic has roiled international surrogacy. What’s an ethical path going forward?

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Credit: Tara Anand
Credit: Tara Anand

[T]he pandemic has created new challenges to engaging in international surrogacy ethically due to changes in how healthcare is administered, limiting face-to-face interactions, and of course, increasing the health risks for everyone involved – women and other people acting as surrogates and egg donors, genetic intended parents undergoing medical procedures, and babies born through surrogacy. 

Because women and other pregnant people are at higher risk of serious disease, waiting until infection rates are lower or there is greater vaccine access would reduce the risk. 

It is impossible to know if travel restrictions will prevent you from arriving before or immediately after your child is born. This delay could be short or substantial. It is important to be clear in the contract who will care for the baby if you are delayed, and to ensure that the person acting as a surrogate will not be the caregiver.

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[T]hese steps are crucial for creating conditions to better ensure the health, well-being, rights, and dignity of women and other people working as surrogates and egg donors, and to ensure rights and respect toward all intended parents. 

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