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you can train your brain to reduce motion sickness

How you can train your brain to reduce motion sickness

Alice Scott | 
With the concept of autonomous vehicles coming closer to our roads, the need to reduce motion sickness is more apparent ...

Less lizard, more bird? What Jurassic Park got wrong about this dinosaur

The dinosaur [from Jurrasic Park] is mostly imagination, but a new comprehensive analysis of Dilophosaurus fossils is helping to set ...

Novel DNA analysis technique helps spot mislabeled foods, inaccurate ingredient lists

Estonian scientists are developing a DNA-based method of analysis that enables them to identify food components and specify the origin ...
traumatic brain injury

After injury, the adult brain attempts to repair itself with cells that revert to an embryonic state

When adult brain cells are injured, they revert to an embryonic state, according to new findings published in the April ...

CRISPR-edited yeast could make biofuel production more efficient

Some chemicals used to .... breakdown plants for production of biofuels .... are poison to the yeasts that turn the ...