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We’re entering a new generation of precision medicine

Robert Weisman | Boston Globe | 
For decades, doctors treated nearly all patients with the same disease in the same way, aware that drugs that worked ...

False positive screenings pose dire challenges for parents

Beth Daley | Boston Globe | 
One spring day in 2013, Dr. Jayme Sloan had bad news for Stacie Chapman, who was nearly three months pregnant ...
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Evolutionary origins of genitalia unveiled

Carolyn Johnson | Boston Globe | 
When the first animals scrambled out of the water to live on land, they needed limbs and lungs. And something ...
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Boston Globe joins other liberal publications in opposing mandatory GMO labeling

Boston Globe | 
The push for GMO labeling has been the most successful in New England states so far, but now, the region's ...

Harvard scientists call for debate on new gene-manipulation technique

Carolyn Johnson | Boston Globe | 
A powerful new technology could be used to manipulate nature by “editing” the genes of organisms in the wild, enabling ...

Massachusetts biotech incentives eclipsed by competitive states

Massachusetts has made its way over the past half-dozen years to being an undisputed leader in biotechnology and life sciences ...

Laser treatments trigger dental stem cells to regrow teeth

Carolyn Johnson | Boston Globe | 
With a simple, low-power laser, Harvard University scientists have triggered naturally occurring dental stem cells to regrow teeth in rats ...

Nobel laureate in medicine: GMOs are ‘key tool’ to address global hunger

Richard Roberts | Boston Globe | 
Each year several million children either die or suffer irreparable developmental defects because of vitamin A deficiency. Countless others are harmed ...

Ancient, inert parts of our genomes may be protective

Carolyn Johnson | Boston Globe | 
At hundreds of spots in our DNA, there are ancient swaths that have remained puzzlingly unchanged over hundreds of millions ...
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Personalized medicine may cost more than cures

Barry Werth | Boston Globe | 
Personalized medicine promises to offer targeted, individualized treatment to the masses. But what will it do to the pharmaceutical industry ...

DNA blood test can detect prenatal problems

Caroline Johnson | Boston Globe | 
A large new study led by Boston researchers shows that a simple blood test is superior to standard screening methods ...

Biotech start-up targets Parkinson’s and ALS with new gene therapy

Callum Borchers | Boston Globe | 
A Cambridge biotechnology company launching Wednesday is taking aim at Parkinson’s disease and ALS with a new gene therapy that ...

George Church wonders why you haven’t had your genome sequenced yet

Callum Borchers | Boston Globe | 
There was a fascinating moment at Google’s Cambridge office when Harvard geneticist George Church asked how many people in a ...

New company developing “DNA surgery”

Callum Borchers | Boston Globe | 
When a tumor grows on an organ, doctors remove it. When a hip stops working, they replace it. When a ...

Genetic clues in mammals could unlock secret to anti-aging

Carolyn Johnson | Boston Globe | 
For years, scientists have studied how to combat old age. Now, new research suggests that genetic clues in mammals with ...

Would you edit your genes?

Jim Kozubek | Boston Globe | 
The most difficult thinking about gene therapy involves normally healthy people who have mutations that are highly predictive of a ...

Testing of gene therapies expanding at Boston-area hospitals

Carolyn Johnson | Boston Globe | 
Years after it was hyped, vilified for the death of a teenager, and then mostly forgotten by the general public, ...

Scientists find genetic switch that may fuel breast cancer’s spread

Carolyn Johnson | Boston Globe | 
Despite improvements in medical technology, doctors still struggle to tell which breast cancers are highly aggressive and likely to spread ...

Do patents hinder research?

Carolyn Johnson | Boston Globe | 
The following is an excerpt. It is an argument frequently made by businesses: Intellectual property protection is essential to spur ...

Selected books on genetics

Katharine Whittemore | Boston Globe | 
The following is an editorial summary. Featured books in this review article include: “Regenesis: How Synthetic Biology Will Reinvent Nature ...

Human Genome Project leader weighs in on Supreme Court gene patenting case

Carolyn Johnson | Boston Globe | 
The following is an edited excerpt. Late last year, the nation’s highest court said it would consider a legal challenge ...

Are we getting dumber?

Simon Waxman | Boston Globe | 
It’s easy to think of history as a march of progress, with humans growing smarter and more capable over time ...

Genetic study stirs hope for lung cancer patients

Gina Kolata | Boston Globe | 
The first large and comprehensive study of the genetics of a common lung cancer finds that more than half the ...

Should pregnant women be offered genome screening for their unborn baby?

Deborah Kotz | Boston Globe | 
With researchers announcing this week that they were able to sequence the genome of a fetus using only a blood ...

Native Americans migrated to the New World in three waves, Harvard-led DNA analysis shows

Carolyn Johnson | Boston Globe | 
An exhaustive study of DNA taken from dozens of Native American groups that span from Canada to the tip of ...

Human microbiome project provides census of thousands of microbes that live in and on us

Carolyn Johnson | Boston Globe | 
It was a major feat when more than a decade ago, scientists deciphered the first human genome, containing 22,000 or ...

Risk and DNA: In search of the money gene

Leon Neyfakh | Boston Globe | 
What makes someone want to start a business? That was what the young economist Philipp Koellinger was trying to figure ...
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