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Why does human skin color have so much variation?

Bridget Alex | 
Human skin color reflects an evolutionary balancing act tens of thousands of years in the making. There’s a convincing explanation ...

Bad decision: Did your genes make you do it?

Nathaniel Scharping | 
Studies have picked out groups of genes associated with intelligence, academic achievement, criminal activity and other life outcomes. It now ...
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Did Neanderthals have their own language?

Bridget Alex | 
Did Neanderthals have language? Before trying to answer that, I should admit my bias: I’m team Neanderthal. As an anthropologist ...
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CRISPR gene editing could save pigs from devastating disease

Roni Dengler | 
As flu season rears its ugly head, humans aren’t the only ones on the virus’ warpath. Pigs are also vulnerable ...
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DNA of God: Did humans evolve a need for religion?

Bridget Alex | 
[H]ow does evolution explain religion? Leading scholars propose a two-phase hypothesis (here, here): First, our ancestors evolved certain mental abilities, useful ...

Is there a link between climate change and human evolution?

Bill Andrews | 
[W]hile all the talk nowadays focuses on how to change the course of the climate’s evolution, a study out [October 11] ...

Fear-free life? Removing a part of your brain could make it possible—in theory

Brain surgery is not usually something that people actively seek out. However, there may be an exception: the idea of ...

Deep space travelers could face ‘significant’ gastrointestinal damage from radiation

Chelsea Gohd | 
Deep-space travel could even cause significant gastrointestinal (GI) damage to astronauts, according to one new study. Researchers at Georgetown University ...
honey bee

Mushrooms protect honey bee from disease-carrying Varroa mite, study shows

Gemma Tarlach | 
It’s not easy being a bee these days. Apis mellifera, the Western honey bee, is crucial to agriculture worldwide but faces ...

Are mental disorders linked to the tweaking of genes in human evolution?

Charles Choi | 
The same recent evolutionary changes that make humans prone to bad backs and impacted wisdom teeth may also tweak genes ...

Jack of all environments: Is this why Homo sapiens survived and thrived?

Gemma Tarlach | 
When paleoanthropologists and archaeologists define what makes our species unique, they usually focus on our use of symbolism and language, ...

What genetics tell us about the evolution of wolves to dogs

Gemma Tarlach | 
Who’s a good dog? The very first dogs, apparently, as a new genetic study reveals the sequence of events, begun ...
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Making a ‘monster’ with artificial intelligence—on purpose

Nathaniel Scharping | 
Researchers at MIT have created a psychopath. They call him Norman. He’s a computer. Actually, that’s not really right. Though ...

‘Absolutely no evidence’ that power leads to brain damage

An Atlantic article from July 2017 has been widely discussed on Twitter over the past few days. It’s called Power Causes Brain Damage ...

Humans have always been overwhelmingly right-handed. We still aren’t sure why.

Gemma Tarlach | 
Nine out of 10 humans are considered right-handed. “It doesn’t matter where you find them, humans have that ratio,” says ...
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Viewpoint: Slug ‘memory transfer’ study may be too good to be true

A study claiming that a “memory” could be transferred from one animal to another in form of an injection has ...
hematohidrosis patient

Not a nightmare: It’s possible to sweat blood

Nathaniel Scharping | 
A medical case report in the Canadian Medical Association Journal from Italian researchers last year details a 21-year-old patient who began mysteriously sweating ...

Recording brain activity gets easier with novel device

An improved method for recording brain activity could prove a major asset to neuroscience, according to a Nature paper just out: Moving magnetoencephalography ...

Recording and playing back dreams isn’t here yet, but may be on the way

Charlotte Hu | 
[W]hat if you could record your dreams, and play them back for analysis, or even share them with friends? Theoretically, ...
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Evolution may be tough to predict, but it’s not random

Nathaniel Scharping | 
Can we predict the course evolution will take? That’s the question an international team of researchers decided to tackle, using ...
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Popular Cavendish banana heading towards extinction, with GMO and gene edited varieties only viable saviors

Nathaniel Scharping | 
We are in the age of the Cavendish, a banana cultivar that accounts for 99 percent of imports to the Western world. But ...
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New ‘curvature blindness’ optical illusion illustrates how the brain interprets images

A new optical illusion has been discovered, and it’s really quite striking. The strange effect is called the ‘curvature blindness’ ...
Curse of the High IQ Cover e

High IQ and health: Are more Intelligent people more prone to illnesses?

A new paper claims that very intelligent people are more prone to mental illnesses and allergies. Mensans reported levels of illness higher ...
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Preserved fatty tissues found in 48-million-year-old bird fossil

Gemma Tarlach | 
[R]esearchers have confirmed that fatty tissues were still identifiable in the partial fossil of a 48-million-year-old bird. The new research hints ...
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Why the quest for artificial intelligence almost died in infancy

John Wenz | 
It feels as if we’re riding the wave of a novel technological era, but the current rise in neural networks ...

Oldest African DNA found in Malawi cave fills some of human ancestry’s ‘crucial gaps’

Gemma Tarlach | 
A great irony about Africa is that, even though it’s the birthplace of our species, we know almost nothing about ...
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Human Project: 10,000 New Yorkers’ health to be tracked over 20 years

Nathaniel Scharping | 
If you smoke cigarettes, you’re putting yourself at a heightened risk for heart disease. That correlation is well-known and unchallenged ...
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Fighting the common cold: Understanding rare genetic mutation may be key

Nathaniel Scharping | 
A rare mutation that nearly killed a young girl has revealed insights into the common cold. Researchers from the National Institute ...