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Photo of marchers protesting GMOs

Women are more skeptical of GMOs than men—but not because of their ‘maternal instincts’

Matt Shipman | 
Studies have found that women are more skeptical of genetically modified (GM) foods than men....Conventional wisdom has been that maternal ...
Sunflower Project

Sunflower pollen may protect bees from deadly diseases

[A] new study offers hope for a relatively simple mechanism to promote bee health and well-being: providing bees access to ...
Screen Shot at PM

New tools needed to protect pesticides’ effectiveness from evolution of weed and insect resistance

To slow the evolutionary progression of weeds and insect pests gaining resistance to herbicides and pesticides, policymakers should provide resources ...
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Video: Entomologist Fred Gould critiques media coverage critical of gene drives

Fred Gould, Patti Mulligan | 
[At his talk on "Gene Drives in the News" at the National Academy of Sciences' Science of Science Communication III” Sackler ...
corn x e

Tomorrow’s corn: Gene associated with resistance to multiple leaf diseases identified

Mick Kulikowski | 
Researchers at North Carolina State University have found a specific gene in corn that appears to be associated with resistance ...
'Refuge planting': How farmers could help slow developing insect resistance to GMO Bt crops

‘Refuge planting’: How farmers could help slow developing insect resistance to GMO Bt crops

To date ... Bt crops have been remarkably successful. However, insect pests have shown the ability to evolve resistance to ...