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Video: Entomologist Fred Gould critiques media coverage critical of gene drives

[At his talk on “Gene Drives in the News” at the National Academy of Sciences’ Science of Science Communication III” Sackler Colloquia, Fred Gould] had initially intended to “explain the nuts and bolts of different gene drives….” Instead, he changed his presentation at the last minute to address two articles published by Kevin Esvelt in the journal PLOS Biology and bioRxiv the day before. The articles state that self-propagating CRISPR gene drives are currently too risky for field trials, and could create new, highly invasive species likely to spread beyond their original environments (whether accidentally or deliberately).

Gould breaks down what a gene drive is, how they work, and why scientists are developing them. He then looks at, how do you go from research that is taken one way by the scientific community, to media coverage that looks very different to the general public?

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