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Marijuana? Masturbation? Alcohol? What behaviors affect male fertility?

Ada McVean | 
[W]e can look at overall trends in the scientific literature and draw some conclusions about what facets of your life ...
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Don’t be a ‘covidiot’: Navigating the world of coronavirus misinformation and ignorance

Harriet Hall | 
A pandemic was declared. Italy is on lockdown, with more cases than China. Other countries are following suit. Governments everywhere ...
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‘Wholly unethical’: Gay conversion therapy does not work

Harriet Hall | 
The World Psychiatric Association has declared that conversion therapy is “wholly unethical.” Yet despite the legal bans, the retractions, the ...

Dr. Harriet Hall: National Geographic natural foods book ‘unscientific, and even dangerous’

Harriet Hall | 
The National Geographic store proclaims, “This authoritative guide to the foods, herbs, spices, essential oils, and other natural substances that ...

7 things we get wrong about heredity

Carl Zimmer | 
Many people have misconceptions about heredity—how we are connected to our ancestors and how our inheritance from them shapes us ...

10 questions we should ask about teaching evolution

Bertha Vazquez, Christopher Freidhoff | 
1. What do you think are the main factors that influence how effective a biology teacher is at teaching evolution? ...

Celebrity GMO critic Food Babe pitches products with ingredient she demonizes

Mark Aaron Alsip | 
While “Food Babe” Vani Hari’s pseudoscience has been widely debunked by qualified doctors and scientists, a more sobering fact seems ...