‘Wholly unethical’: Gay conversion therapy does not work

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The World Psychiatric Association has declared that conversion therapy is “wholly unethical.” Yet despite the legal bans, the retractions, the scientific evidence, and consensus statements from numerous major professional organizations (listed here), the practice continues. According to a June 2019 report:

An estimated 16,000 LGBT youth (ages 13–17) will receive conversion therapy from a licensed health care professional before they reach the age of 18. Also, approximately 57,000 youth will undergo the treatment from a religious or spiritual advisor.

A 2018 study of young adults whose parents sent them to conversion therapists found that the interventions were associated with depression, suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts, less educational attainment, and less weekly income. Conversion therapy exploits guilt and anxiety, damages self-esteem, and can cause social harm.


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Sexual orientation can’t be changed. Gay conversion therapy doesn’t work, causes harm, is unethical, and is illegal for minors in many jurisdictions. It is not treatment: it is brainwashing, physical and mental torture, coercion, and child abuse. Rather than trying to change sexual orientation, psychotherapists could do a lot to help non-heterosexuals by supporting them, validating their gender identity, and helping them deal with the difficulties that modern society creates for them.

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