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plnting seeds

After planting illegal GMO herbicide-tolerant cotton, Indian farmers poised to grow biotech eggplant, soybean and corn

The member farmers belonging to the Shetkari Sanghatana in Maharashtra, who have already broken the law by planting genetically modified ...
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Indian farmers’ union says illegal GMO herbicide-tolerant cotton cultivation continues, despite arrests

K V Kurmanath | 
Under the new regulated cropping system, farmers in Telangana have grown cotton on 60 lakh acres, setting a new record ...
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Viewpoint: Criticism of GMO crops in India is ‘deeply flawed’

G Padmanaban | 
A review article, “Modern technologies for sustainable food and nutrition security,” which appeared in the November 25 issue of the ...
Low yields, high costs stop India from embracing organic agriculture

Low yields, high costs stop India from embracing organic agriculture

T Ramakrishnan | 
Nearly 25 years ago, an event held at the American Center Auditorium in Chennai on the topic of the Green Revolution witnessed ...
Aryan soldiers

India’s ‘great debate’: DNA unraveling story of settling of continent by ancient English-speaking ‘Aryans’

Michel Danino | 
[Editor's note: Michel Danino is a professor at IIT Gandhinagar, where he assists the growth of its Archaeological Sciences Centre, and ...
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Tackling hidden hunger: Biofortified genetically engineered foods increase iron, zinc and vitamin A

Vaidehee Deshpande | 
Back in the 60s, the Green Revolution changed the way we looked at food, both in terms of growing and ...

GMOs, nanotechnology losing ground in India because scientists not engaging public

R. Prasad | 
Most reputed universities abroad have dos and don’ts for researchers on interacting with journalists when their papers are published. But ...

Is India flouting its own laws in GMO cotton intellectual property dispute?

Shamnad Basheer | 
Monsanto’s ... Bt cotton has spawned the mother of all intellectual property (IP) disputes in India... . . . . Using ...
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Indian officials call on researchers to produce GMO chickpea within two years

Director-General of the Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR) Trilochan Mohapatra has asked agricultural scientists to double their work on ...

Indian regulators may consider socio-economic factors when assessing GMO crops

Amiti Sen | 
With the debate on genetically modified (GM) crops getting intense, the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) is considering the ...
Golden Rice Dreams x

University of Michigan professor disputes Nobel Laureates on why Golden Rice not yet commercialized

Aniket Aga | 
The Nobel Laureates argue that the reason this innovation has not started saving lives yet is Greenpeace’s criminal opposition. This ...

India’s proposed GMO trait licensing rules ‘will hurt Indian seed industry, farmers’

Ram Kaundinya | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. . . . . On ...

‘If field trials of GM crops were encouraged, we would have drought-resistant varieties by now’

M. Mahadevappa | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Criticising the moratorium on ...

Nobel laureate Sir Richard John Roberts: ‘Opposition to GMOs by greens appalling’

Laiqh A. Khan | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Genetically modified food is ...
bt cotton

GMO Bt cotton can increase Indian farmer bankruptcy, suicide risk, claims study

Vidya Venkat | 
The cultivation of Bt cotton, a genetically modified, insect-resistant cotton variety, is a risky affair for Indian farmers practising rain-fed ...

Pro-GMO campaign tours to bring golden rice to Asia

A campaign is set to be launched on March 16 in the country to allow golden rice for tackling Vitamin ...

Genomics holds potential for improving nutrition in crops

Renowned agriculture scientist M.S. Swaminathan said on Friday that making a hunger and malnutrition-free society should be the ultimate goal ...

Scientists say blaming Bt cotton for Indian farmer suicides is unreasonable

Vinaya Deshpande | 
Farmer suicides in Maharashtra’s Vidarbha area and other parts of the country have nothing to do with Bt cotton, scientists ...

Indian panel advises caution on GMO crops

Meena Menon | 
The government-appointed High Level Committee (HLC) to review environmental laws, while proposing a near complete overhaul of the regulatory system, ...
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India should not rush to decide on GM crops without rational public debate

Shiv Visvanathan | 
The public debates on GM began with the unannounced entry of Bt cotton in Gujarat, where the farmers had grown 21,000 acres ...

Guidelines needed for safe GM crop field trials in Indian

Agricultural scientist M.S. Swaminathan has stressed the need for revising the Biotechnology Regulatory Authority Bill, which will lapse along with ...

Streamlined oversight could open the door to GM crops in India

M.S. Swaminathan | 
M.S. Swaminathan, a geneticists known as the Father of the Green Revolution in India, outlines in his op-ed today for ...

DNA profiles match relatives to bodies after train accident

Afshan Yasmeen | 
The agonising wait to claim the bodies of victims of the Nanded Express fire accident continued for their kith and ...

GM crop field trials cleared in India despite government official’s reservations

Priyanka Kakodkar | 
Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan of Maharashtra has cleared “no objection certificates” for confined field trials of several genetically modified crops, ...

Nobel Laureate Richard Roberts: protesting GM crops is a ‘crime against humanity’

P. Sunderarajan | 
Nobel Laureate Richard J. Roberts said that protesting the use of genetically modified crops is a “crime against humanity" while ...

Does genetics explain height differences among Indians?

Rukmini Shrini | 
Recent research has shown that there is a clear correlation between state domestic product and average height. Yet data on ...

Biggest threat to tigers is their own limited gene pool

Michael Parker | 
The skin and bones of long-dead tigers from the days of the British Raj have helped reveal how the latest ...

Sixty years of a (flawed) DNA worldview

Sujatha Byravan | 
The following is an excerpt. The popular notion of the double helix being the main and the only player in ...
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