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‘Self-eating’ mitochondria may make the brain vulnerable to Lou Gehrig’s disease

A newly discovered type of mitochondrial self-destruction may make some brain cells vulnerable to ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s ...

Ethical ‘quagmire’: How one ALS patient got in line for a therapy never tested in humans

The FDA gave Jaci Hermstad, a 25-year old Iowan who is dying from a rare form of ALS, an early ...
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If a gene test could reveal a high risk of dying, would you want to know?

If a fortune teller had “read” my future two years ago, I would have learned that I was at high ...
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Whispering down the ‘fake news’ lane targeting conventional farming: No, Lou Gehrig’s Disease not caused by pesticides spread by chemical-spraying airplanes

Is it sensationalism to get traffic, lazy reporting -- or intentional misrepresentation of facts? ...
3 reasons ALS research struggles to find treatment answers

3 reasons ALS research struggles to find treatment answers

[T]he desire to give [ALS] patients hope has often outstripped good scientific sense. “Many drugs that have gone into ALS ...
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ALS patients more likely to have other mental, behavioral problems

Because ALS primarily affects a person’s motor neurons, it has been assumed that the disease spares a person’s mental faculties ...
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Searching for ALS genes in Appalachian Mountain family trees

With patient visits along the way, [Dr. Edward Kasarskis and Debby Taylor would] be tracing, in reverse, the path of ...
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Genes illuminate how the brain ‘thinks’

Monitoring brain functions can tell us a lot about neurobiological structures and what's going on. But now we have the ...
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Is there a genetic switch that causes ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease)?

We don't know the causes of ALS in most patients, but about 10 percent of cases are thought to be ...
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