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USDA invites public comment on petition to approve GMO chestnut tree

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) is inviting public comment on a petition ...
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Controversial GMO American chestnut could provide blueprint for saving endangered species

To those who are fearful of GMOs, it is the most dangerous tree in the world. To the rest of ...
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Blight-tolerant American chestnut tree: Latest biotech solution to nature’s assault on valued species

A blight-tolerant American chestnut tree is the latest example of what the science community has begun to call a GRO—a ...
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Disease-resistant GMO chestnut trees could birth ‘new agroforestry industry’

Many Americans know the sad tale of how the American chestnut tree was driven almost to extinction in the 20th ...
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Fungus-resistant hazelnuts illustrate how genetic modification safeguards our food supply

Ordu is a picturesque city between the mountains and the Black Sea, where a quarter of the world’s hazelnuts grow ...

Federal regulators ask biotech experts if GMO trees should be deployed to save ‘dying’ US forests

Plans are under way to plant swathes of genetically engineered trees across the ailing forests of North America in a bid to save them ...
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Do GMO American chestnut trees pose a threat to the environment? Two new studies say no

Two new studies on the environmental impact of transgenic American chestnut trees provide evidence that the trees have no harmful ...

Scientists could save American Chestnut Tree with genetic engineering—if regulators let them

Two deer-fenced plots here contain some of the world’s most highly regulated trees. Each summer researchers double-bag every flower the ...
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Talking Biotech: Is genetic engineering the best way to resuscitate the American chestnut from blight?

Plant biologist Jared Westbrook: 4 billion American chestnut trees have died because of blight in the 20th century. Now, there ...
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