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Monsanto and ‘Big Ag’ strangle American farming? Sanders, Warren likely to attack conventional agriculture, promote organics at Democratic debates

This week's opening round of debates threatens to fall shockingly short on science ...
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Sen. Bernie Sanders proposes breakup of agribusiness ‘mega-mergers’ in bid to woo farm belt states

Bernie Sanders on [May 5] released a sweeping rural and agriculture plan that targets big companies and calls for more ...
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Viewpoint: Bernie Sanders’ views on alternative medicine and GMOs highlight troubling embrace of pseudoscience

At 76 years old many assumed that 2016 would be the last time Bernie Sanders would run for office. The ...
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Why it matters that Sanders aligns with conservatives on funding stem cell and cloning research

Bernie Sanders has consistently aligned with social conservatives on human cloning and stem cell research. What could this mean for ...
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