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Democratic strategists urge Joe Biden to take on Monsanto to win rural support

Politico | 
The Biden campaign wants to undercut President Donald Trump’s sweeping victory across rural America in 2016 by making its case ...

Danone, General Mills to Congress: USDA investment in carbon sequestration on farms can help mitigate looming ‘climate crisis’

Politico | 
CLIMATE CRISIS COMMITTEE LOOKS FOR AG SOLUTIONS: Congress took a rare dive into the nexus of climate change and agriculture ...
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FDA rejects call for USDA takeover of CRISPR gene-edited animal regulation

Politico | 
The Food and Drug Administration is standing its ground in the latest battle over its regulatory turf, warning livestock groups ...
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Bayer to appeal $2 billion glyphosate-cancer verdict with EPA Roundup assessment excluded from trial

Politico | 
Bayer plans to make the EPA’s safety endorsement of a chemical in Roundup central to its case as the company ...
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Sen. Bernie Sanders proposes breakup of agribusiness ‘mega-mergers’ in bid to woo farm belt states

Politico | 
Bernie Sanders on [May 5] released a sweeping rural and agriculture plan that targets big companies and calls for more ...

Bayer lawsuits: USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue defends glyphosate before House appropriations subcommittee

Politico | 
Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue....defended the use of the weedkiller Roundup after two cases resulted in multimillion-dollar jury verdicts against Bayer ...
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EPA may override state pesticide regulations, including stricter dicamba weed killer rules

Politico | 
State regulators are worried that the Environmental Protection Agency is getting ready to override them on a host of pesticide ...
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Farm groups push USDA oversight of gene-edited animals, potentially sparking new regulatory battle with FDA

Politico | 
Livestock groups are aggressively pushing for regulation of the budding sector of gene-edited animals to be moved from FDA to ...
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Biotech industry, USDA hype CRISPR gene-editing benefits to avoid second GMO safety debate

Politico | 
The U.S. agriculture industry is trying to get ahead of any backlash over gene-edited foods and win over the public ...

USDA moves to streamline biotech crop approvals by updating 30-year-old regulations

Politico | 
USDA’s new regulation updating its plant biotechnology guidelines is being reviewed by [the Office of Management and Budget], suggesting it’s ...
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First ever FDA glyphosate study finds weed killer exposure ‘not concerning for public health’

Politico | 
FDA testing of glyphosate residues in food found no detectable amounts of the herbicide in over half of commodities tested ...

Despite continued public debate, weed killer glyphosate is safe, EPA says

Politico | 
An EPA official said [September 10th] the agency’s work shows that glyphosate — the herbicide found in Monsanto’s weedkiller Roundup ...
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Responding to Senator Schumer’s demand for glyphosate data, FDA says it found ‘no pesticide residue violations’

Politico | 
[The recent] media frenzy — and large dose of scientific criticism — over the Environmental Working Group’s glyphosate residues report, ...
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