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Sen. Bernie Sanders proposes breakup of agribusiness ‘mega-mergers’ in bid to woo farm belt states

| | May 8, 2019

Bernie Sanders on [May 5] released a sweeping rural and agriculture plan that targets big companies and calls for more federal investment in struggling rural areas.

Sanders is the second candidate, following Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), to get serious about trying to win over traditionally red regions by rolling out comprehensive policy plans that seek to …. step up antitrust enforcement.

Sanders said …. he believed that rapid consolidation of the agriculture sector was to blame for farmers’ economic problems, and demanded that mega-mergers be broken up. He also called for the implementation of a ban on future mergers of large agriculture companies, as well as prohibiting vertical combinations.

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“In rural America we are seeing giant agribusiness conglomerates extract as much wealth out of small communities as they possibly can while family farmers are going bankrupt and in many ways are being treated like modern day indentured servants,” Sanders said.

He also called for a “right-to-repair” law granting farmers the ability to fix their own equipment, which some farm manufacturers currently forbid them from doing.

He also went after “factory farms” by vowing to …. regulate them under the Clean Air Act as factories.

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