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Cowspiracy? GMO OMG? Beware of misleading food ‘documentaries,’ ex-organic farmer warns

Not long ago, I spoke to a teacher who had recently shown Food, Inc. to her class, and she asked me my ...
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Viewpoint: Farm to Fork failure—How Europe’s ‘obsession’ with organics undermines the global sustainable farming movement

Europe’s quest to confront climate change and achieve carbon neutrality is being undermined by “Big Ag”? That’s not my claim. It’s the ...
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Has ‘Big Tech’ replaced ‘Big Ag’ as America’s favorite corporate villain?

For years, large agricultural companies and farmers have felt the sting of public opinion. Seed and crop protection companies have ...
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Viewpoint: ‘Big Ag’ caused the coronavirus pandemic? Predatory science journal amplifies baseless COVID-19 conspiracy

With the global pandemic caused by Covid-19, agricultural supply chains around the world have been taxed to ensure consistent and ...
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Viewpoint: ‘Big Ag’ owns scientists who endorse safety of GMOs? Busting the anti-biotech movement’s favorite myth

Scientists are generally inclined to dislike big companies--but they know that biotechnology has made our food supply safer and more ...
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Myth busted: Only ‘Big Ag’ develops GMO crops

Farmers in other parts of the world — particularly in third world countries — are experiencing REAL problems that the ...

‘Big Ag’ may resonate with activists, but what does it really mean?

For some, GMOs are synonymous with 'Big Ag'? For others, 'Big Ag' means something entirely different. Does 'Big Ag' even ...

Monsanto shill alert: Does industry funded GMO research bias findings?

Can consumers trust "independent" studies funded by corporations that have found genetically modified foods safe? Anti-GMO activists say 'no.' But ...

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