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Viewpoint: Anti-GMO activists ignore science when debating glyphosate safety

There are encouraging signs that people are beginning to tune out the activist propaganda ...
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Gene therapy shows success against some cancers and inherited disorders. Can it tackle obesity?

Scientists are working with treatments that have shown success in amping up the metabolism of mice, helping them lose weight ...
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Viewpoint: ‘Big Ag’ owns scientists who endorse safety of GMOs? Busting the anti-biotech movement’s favorite myth

Scientists are generally inclined to dislike big companies--but they know that biotechnology has made our food supply safer and more ...
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Viewpoint: GMO, CRISPR-edited crops can cut pesticide use—if environmental activists do not block them

Anti-GMO activists should take a step back and look closely at some of the benefits that new genetically modified crops ...

Did the EPA and Monsanto conspire to hide glyphosate’s health risks?

A recent op-ed in the Sacramento Bee repeated the debunked conspiracy theory that Monsanto manipulated the EPA to hide evidence ...
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Partisan divide erupts on glyphosate-cancer science as IARC supporters push ‘Monsanto Papers’ narrative

“There appear to be serious problems with the science underlying [the International Agency for Research on Cancer]’s [2015] assessment of ...
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Lessons learned from the 2017 Monsanto dicamba herbicide fiasco

Farmers, university scientists, the EPA and ag companies are working together to figure out what went wrong and how to ...
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Viewpoint: Genetic engineering’s benefits extend far beyond GMO crops and controversy

In discussing biotechnology, too much controversy is focused on the crops developed by Monsanto and its competitors. Genetic engineering is ...
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