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Asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs created perfect conditions for microbial life to thrive

The massive Chicxulub crater on Mexico’s Yucatán peninsula is the fingerprint of a killer, probably responsible for the destruction of ...
dinosaur asteroid chicxulub

Global temperature modeling suggests dinosaurs were wiped out by asteroid strike

A massive asteroid impact is likely to blame for the extinction event that marks the end of the Cretaceous period, ...

Chicxulub asteroid impact sparked mammal growth surge, fossil ‘trove’ shows

After an asteroid crashed into what is now Chicxulub, Mexico 66 million years ago, a chain of events occurred that ...
asteroid impact changed the history of life

Infographic: How an asteroid killed the dinosaurs

The Cenozoic is the name geologists give to the era spanning the last 66 million years, and it started with the mass ...
4-2-2019 asteroid impact

66 million years ago a deadly asteroid struck Earth. Scientists just found a fish killed by the impact

At one of the most important ancient graveyards on Earth in North Dakota, paleontologists unearthed the fossilized remains of fish ...

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