Singapore sees 65-80% fewer dengue cases in areas where disease-fighting mosquitoes released

Releasing mosquitoes into the corridors of apartment complexes might seem like an unusual strategy for a city fighting its worst ...
zika virus aedes mosquito

Bacteria-infected mosquitoes cut dengue cases by 77 percent, study shows

Researchers have infected Aedes aegypti mosquitoes—the species responsible for passing on many diseases—with bacteria called Wolbachia with the intent of ...
mosquito dengue

Mini-capsule technology controls mosquitoes without insecticides

Effective mosquito control without the use of insecticides can now be achieved by soaking an egg-filled mini capsule in water, ...

Mosquitoes engineered to resist dengue could become gene drive weapon against the deadly disease

Locked in a secure lab near Melbourne is the newest addition in the fight against dengue: genetically engineered mosquitoes that ...
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New dengue fever defense? Mosquitoes infected with common bacteria can’t transmit dangerous virus

Mosquitoes infected with Wolbachia bacteria and released into the wild are associated with a sharp decrease in dengue fever infections in humans, ...

Genetically modified mosquitoes are a small price to pay for malaria eradication

Will opponents of gene engineering deny prevention to suffering families? ...
mosquito x

Here’s what you should know about disease-fighting GMO mosquitoes

Media references to Jurassic Park and 'mutant hybrid insects' are based on a thorough misunderstanding of this effective technology ...

Diagnosing infectious diseases like Zika or Dengue at home with a CRISPR kit

CRISPR-based home test can immediately detect disease DNA through blood or saliva ...
sn mosquitoes e

Micro RNA: Genetic suppression might control insect-borne diseases and limit pesticide use

New methods of controlling mosquitos without chemicals include releasing sterile males, spreading confusing pheromones and, most recently, disrupting egg development ...
sn mosquitoes

Gene driving to combat insect-borne diseases: Powerful tool requiring science diplomacy

Gene drives raise ethical and practical concerns. What are the communication challenges? ...

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