Childhood trauma: The kids are not alright, and part of the explanation may be linked to epigenetics

The old adage about kids being resilient and able to bounce back from early traumas isn't necessarily borne out by ...
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4 things to know about epigenetics, including that most changes are not passed on to offspring

Far more is unknown about epigenetics than is known. Let’s have a look at what we do know ...
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‘Elixir of life’: Can epigenetic reprogramming help us live longer and healthier?

[Juan Carlos]  Izpisúa Belmonte can rejuvenate aging, dying animals. He can rewind time. But just as quickly as he blows ...

Epigenetic ‘eraser’ can reset behavior, disease vulnerability and life experiences

Many epigenetic changes that occur in humans in genetic response to the environment are erased within the embryo. Certain diseases, ...
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