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DIY COVID-19 vaccine? George Church, other scientists experimenting with home brewed versions

Nearly 200 covid-19 vaccines are in development, and some three dozen are at various stages of human testing. But in ...
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‘Almost no limit’: Synthetic biology has turned the stuff of science fiction into the stuff of science

Synthetic biology, or the application of engineering principles to the design of life, presents world-changing prospects. Could components of a ...
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Modern love or eugenics? Genetics pioneer George Church’s dating app matches DNA to ‘wipe out’ inherited disease

George Church made a passing comment about a genetic dating app his lab was developing that he said could wipe ...
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Genetics pioneer George Church on support for human gene editing: As long as it’s open to everyone—rich or poor

Is it ethical to genetically engineer people? Leading geneticist George Church spends a lot of time thinking about the answer ...
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Trio of gene therapies seeks to reverse age-related diseases to make us ‘healthy, youthful later in life’

The legendary synthetic biologist Dr. George Church and team at the Wyss Institute at Harvard University took a first step towards ...
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Rejuvenate Bio’s gene therapy shows promise at reversing aging—in mice

Harvard synthetic biology pioneer George Church generated some buzz last year when he co-founded Rejuvenate Bio with the goal of ...
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‘Hacking the Code of Life’: How gene editing will lead to disease cures and nutritionally enhanced food

In “Hacking the Code of Life,” Nessa Carey explores new technology offering the power to alter the genome with increasing ...
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Accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s obsession with scientists: ‘He collects beautiful minds’

As the New York Times reported [July 31], [Jeffrey] Epstein’s “passion for cutting-edge science” at times verged into eugenics. Multiple ...
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‘Better’ gut bacteria probably won’t turn you into an elite athlete. But could it give you a performance boost?

Athletes getting an edge from a probiotic boost may be more realistic than once thought ...

Why the world needs a DNA-based ‘threat-detection network’ to counter the rapid spread of pathogens

Our ancestors were accustomed to spending their entire lives in walking distance of their birthplace, but our modern world is ...

Geneticist George Church on why gene-edited babies aren’t such a bad thing

[Editor's note: Harvard geneticist George Church has come to the defense of Chinese researcher He Jiankui, who shook up the science ...
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Should it matter if the public is wary of gene editing and human enhancement?

A survey of people in the US and 10 European nations found opposition to some forms of gene editing for ...

Time to amend human embryo research ’14-day rule’?

The rule that cuts off research on human embryos at 14 days gestation is based on an arbitrary time limit ...
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What next for Editas? First gene-editing company to go public

Is the Cambridge-based company Editas truly ready for the big time or is it trying to capitalize on technological hype? ...
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