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Infographic: Cows cause climate change? Agriculture scientist says ‘belching bovines’ get too much blame

A recent interview by Caroline Stocks, a UK journalist who writes about food, agriculture and the environment, of air quality ...
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Viewpoint: Conservation isn’t enough. We need technology to blunt the impacts of climate change

We need direct, technology-driven intervention for conservation ...
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Is climate change dampening our ability to fight the coronavirus and other diseases?

Scientists have long known that the rise in average global temperatures is expanding the geographical presence of vector-borne diseases such ...
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Succulents for dinner? Heat-tolerant ‘sea beans’ may become important food source as climate change accelerates

In southern Israel’s stifling heat, rows of salicornia, commonly known as sea asparagus or sea beans, grow under translucent tarps, ...
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Climate change could ‘significantly’ cut nutrient content in crops over next 30 years

One of the biggest challenges to reducing hunger and undernutrition around the world is to produce foods that provide not ...

Should CRISPR be used to resurrect passenger pigeons, woolly mammoths and other extinct species?

The planet is getting warmer, we're poisoning insect populations with reckless abandon and pulling fish out of the ocean at ...
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Why scientists are hesitant to declare a species extinct

If so many species are going extinct, why don’t we hear about new extinctions every day?  The answer to that ...

How do we stem climate change? Suck a trillion tons of CO2 underground

[In May], carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere surpassed 415 parts per million, the highest in human history. Environmental experts ...
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Can genetic engineering save the world’s coral reefs from climate change?

The relentless rise of global temperatures is imperiling coral reefs around the world. Just 75 kilometers offshore from the research ...
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Monitoring biodiversity: Project seeks to catalog arctic life through ‘DNA Barcoding’

[Molecular biologist Inger Greye] Alsos is currently taking part in the formidable task of genetically identifying not just all the ...

Viewpoint: We should stop blaming cows for climate change

The claim that meat production generates more greenhouse gases than the entire transportation sector is demonstrably false, says Frank Mitloehner ...

Is there a link between climate change and human evolution?

[W]hile all the talk nowadays focuses on how to change the course of the climate’s evolution, a study out [October 11] ...
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Viewpoint: Self-interest, rather than ignorance, key driver in GMO and climate change rejectionism

GMO opponents and climate change deniers often share a common characteristic -- their actions and decisions are driven by the ...
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Could genetic engineering be a valued tool against climate change?

How can genetic engineering help against climate change? By many, many ways, but only if we let it ...
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