The Green Revolution was built on manipulating genes to breed higher-yielding, disease resistant crops. Here's an ode to one of its pioneers, Sanjaya Rajaram

The Green Revolution was built on manipulating genes to breed higher-yielding, disease resistant crops. Here’s an ode to one of its pioneers, Sanjaya Rajaram

Few people are aware of the heroes behind the surge in yields of wheat and other crops that began in ...
norman borlaug

‘Hero of progress’: How agronomist Norman Borlaug almost banished famine from Asia

Norman Borlaug’s work undeniably changed the world for the better ...
norman borlaug

Viewpoint: Norman Borlaug saved millions of lives, would his critics prefer he hadn’t?

Norman Borlaug is perhaps the most important person in human history whose name and legacy remain largely unknown. A hero ...
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PBS documentary profiles Norman Borlaug and his ‘Green Revolution’: It fed billions but critics claim unintended consequences

The Man Who Tried to Feed the World tells the story of Norman Borlaug, an American agronomist who won the ...

Expanding India’s crop diversity could boost access to vital nutrients for 200 million people, study shows

There has been a substantial increase in food production over the last 50 years, but it has been accompanied by ...

Reexamining the agricultural ‘Green Revolution’: Did Norman Borlaug really save a billion people from starvation?

A memorable episode of The West Wing....features a President Nimbala of a fictive African republic.  Nimbala holds forth at a press ...
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Viewpoint: GMO crops are key to sustainable farming—why are some scientists afraid to talk about them?

A shallow piece in the journal Science downplaying the importance of GMO crops belongs in a New Age publication ...

Feeding Africa’s hungry countries may require ‘a dozen Green Revolutions’

Despite agriculture’s progress in feeding more people on less land than at any time in history, there are still more ...

Video: Biochemist Myles Power dresses down Indian anti-GMO philosopher and ‘green revolution’ critic Vandana Shiva

Anti-GMO activists have attacked innovation in agriculture since the start of the Green Revolution in the mid-20th century. Assuming everyone ...
africacan calling african policymakers our economic future must be powered by our farms x

Calestous Juma: Africa needs its own Green Revolution based on science and technology

Africa can learn from the Green Revolution model—which saved up to one billion people from starvation—by bringing together government, academia, ...

‘Big Ag’ may resonate with activists, but what does it really mean?

For some, GMOs are synonymous with 'Big Ag'? For others, 'Big Ag' means something entirely different. Does 'Big Ag' even ...
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Golden Rice in India: Is it necessary? What are impediments to adoption?

The leading cause of life-altering disability in India is health risks linked to poor diets--which rice engineered to produce vitamin ...
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