Kenya advances GM maize to improve yields, reduce pesticide use

Kenya advances GM maize to improve yields, reduce pesticide use

Verenardo Meeme | 
Kenya has taken a major step toward increasing its food and animal feed production, while reducing pesticide use, by planting ...
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Kenya close to eradicating locust infestations, but resurgence possible before end of 2020, UN warns

Kenya is likely to become free from desert locusts in the near future thanks to roll-out of robust containment measures, ...
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Facing disease crisis, Ugandan farmers say they’ll illegally grow GMO cassava to feed their families, increase yields

Lominda Afedraru | 
Cassava is one of the most important food crops in the Africa, a primary component of the rural economy. It ...
Nicksonn Muturi cassava

Regulators in Kenya certify safety of GMO disease-resistant cassava

Wainaina Wambu | 
After a decade of toil, Kenyan researchers have developed a disease resistant cassava tipped to raise food security and create ...
Nicksonn Muturi cassava

Kenya poised to greenlight GMO disease-resistant cassava cultivation to protect key food source

Frankline Sunday | 
Kenya is planning to green-light the cultivation and sale of genetically modified cassava in a move to improve food security ...

Kenya could stop locust invasion within two months, despite coronavirus pandemic

Ali Abdi | 
The Government says it will take at least two more months to check the spread of the desert locusts in ...
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Coronavirus boosts likelihood of food shortage in Kenya as farmers battle crop-destroying locust swarms

Several counties are battling new desert locust invasions despite the ongoing spraying of hatchlings .... Farmers have urged the government ...

Kenya GMO Bt insect-resistant cotton approval signals end to farmers’ misery, farm group tells president

Daniel Magondu | 
Following Kenya's recent approval of GMO insect-resistant cotton, veteran maize and cotton farmer Daniel Magondu penned this letter to the ...

Kenyan approval opens door to spring planting of country’s first GMO, insect resistant Bt cotton that increases yields by 300%

Irungu Mwangi | 
The government is set to provide .... the initial BT cotton seeds to farmers to plant during the forthcoming March/April ...
Cotton made in Africa organic

Kenya green lights GMO Bt cotton after successful 5-year field trial

The Kenyan Cabinet, chaired by President Uhuru Kenyatta, has approved the commercial planting of Bt cotton after the 5-year field ...
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Kenya needs to overcome inhibitions about GMOs, official says

Verenardo Meeme | 
Efforts to “put technologies in the hands of farmers that protect against drought and insects cannot be taken lightly.” ...
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Will Kenya lift its GMO ban as its agriculture falters?

Rose Mukonyo | 
Scientists should now move with urgency to allow for the continuation of research to support applications of biotechnology ...
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Kenya endorses ‘case-by-case’ GMO crop approval process

John Njiraini | 
In a development that has ignited optimism among companies and organizations that front for the adoption of GM crops, Kenya ...
Isaac Okwanyi admires a maize crop on his farm

Ethiopia, Nigeria, Rwanda utilize Kenya’s biotech research, while nation still bans GMOs

Gerald Andae | 
Countries like Ethiopia, Nigeria and Rwanda are increasingly using Kenya’s biotechnology research findings to guide their food security plans as ...
Afrikansiche Baumwolle

Kenya will approve biotech crops on case-by-case basis, three months after proposing to lift GMO ban

Wainaina Wambu | 
Kenyans are still waiting on the Government’s decision as to whether it will lift the ban on Genetically Modified Organisms ...

Kenyan scientists lobby for GMO Bt cotton approval to cut pesticide use

Agatha Ngotho | 
Mwea cotton farmers in Kirinyaga have expressed concern over the high cost of pesticides. They say they have to dig ...
women picking cotton

Kenya to commercialize GMO Bt cotton by November 2019, official says

Kenya on [July 17] announced plans to start commercial growing of Bt cotton, or genetically modified (GM) cotton. Charles Waturu, ...

Kenya plants demonstrations of drought-tolerant, insect-resistant GMO maize

Verenardo Meeme | 
Kenyan scientists have planted demonstration plots in the country’s eastern and western regions to show how genetically modified (GM) maize ...
Afrikansiche Baumwolle

Royalty-free genes reduce GMO seed costs in Africa

Christopher Bendana | 
Smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa will be able to access improved seeds at low cost, thanks to the use of ...
Afrikansiche Baumwolle

Kenya reconsidering GMO crop ban to support food security

Verenardo Meeme | 
Kenya is reconsidering its 2012 import ban on genetically modified maize as more than 1 million of its citizens require urgent humanitarian ...
Protect agriculture and stand up against GM crops

Anti-GMO activism: Latest example of age-old resistance to innovation, says African biotech scientist

Margaret Karembu | 
A cloud of resistance hangs over the introduction of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in Kenya....Uncertainties created by technophobes instill fear ...
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Kenya’s support for GMO crops likely to influence East Africa

John Agaba | 
For nearly 20 years, Kenya has attempted to adopt the better-yielding and disease- and drought-tolerant crop varieties bred through genetic ...
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Video: Kenya to begin planting yield-boosting GMO cotton by spring 2020

Cotton farmers in Kenya are set to start planting genetically modified cotton by May 2020, a year later than expected, ...
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Kenya will push for 10-year moratorium on foods produced with synthetic biology

Mwaniki Wahome | 
Kenya will press for a moratorium on introduction of laboratory generated foodstuffs produced through synthetic biology when the Conference of ...
Africas cotton

Biotech crops could make Kenya major cotton producer again, government says

Abel Muhatia | 
Kenya has been losing at least 4,210 cotton farmers every year for the last 38 years due to low returns ...
Potatoes from a Kenyan farm

Kenya can achieve food security if government invests in agricultural technology

Florence Wambugu | 
Kenya relies on only 10% of her landmass for food while 89% of the country’s landmass, home to 36% of ...

Cooperation in a time of chaos: Ancient Kenyan burial ground shows evidence of ‘social unity’

Sarah Kaplan | 
For millions of years, the Turkana Basin in northern Kenya has been a cradle of humanity. … Around 5,000 years ago, the ...
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