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Single dose of ketamine could weaken the desire to drink beer

A single dose of ketamine may cut down problematic drinking. Taken in the right context, the hallucinogenic drug may be able ...

Taking psychoactive drugs can mirror near death experiences, study shows

In a fascinating new study, [near-death experience] stories were compared linguistically with anecdotes of drug experience in order to identify a ...
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Understanding how ketamine helps the brain deal with depression

The promise of ketamine, an anesthetic drug primarily used at sub-anesthetic doses to either manage severe pain or send recreational ...
4-18-2019 a doctor explains how prescribing ketamine for depression works

Ketamine for depression—what we know about how it changes the brain

The FDA's approval [of ketamine for depression] marks the first genuinely new type of psychiatric drug—for any condition—to be brought ...
3-26-2019 x ketamine depression

Viewpoint: Esketamine promises to boost depression treatments—but we don’t know enough about long-term effects

With great fanfare, a new antidepressant entered the U.S. market in March [2019], the first fundamentally new medicine for depression ...

Using ketamine for depression or recreation: What’s the difference?

[G]iven ketamine’s long-standing reputation as a recreational drug—so notorious that users talk about entering a “K-hole” after taking it—you might ...
3-6-2019 blog thingsesketamine image

Esketamine touted as ‘game changer’ for depression—but who gets to use it?

[Recently,] the Food and Drug Administration approved Johnson & Johnson’s Spravato, the nasal spray version of a ketamine-like sedative, for ...
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Esketamine could soon be approved for depression, prompting ‘excitement and hesitation’

The Food and Drug Administration is expected to decide in the coming weeks whether to approve esketamine, which would become the ...
2-13-2019 spray

Fighting depression: Nasal-based ketamine spray clears key FDA hurdle

One of the largest hurdles to ketamine becoming a mainstream depression treatment may have just been cleared. On [February 12], ...

Why we should worry about the rapid spread of ketamine clinics

As ketamine clinics pop up across the U.S. to offer experimental infusions for depression, anxiety, and a slew of other conditions, training ...
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Hope and hype: What ketamine can and can’t do for depression

Starting with just one office 19 months ago, [Kalypso Wellness Center] has expanded rapidly to meet surging patient demand for ...
Ketamine Jonah M

Why is ‘party drug’ ketamine such a powerful treatment for depression?

In recent years, the party drug and anesthetic ketamine has been embraced as a rapidly-acting, if still off-label, medication for ...
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