Podcast: Anti-GMO ‘documentaries’; Cancel culture v Darwin? Biotech chestnut trees

Cameron English, Kevin Folta | 
So-called 'cancel culture' has already taken down a handful of prominent scientists and philosophers, living and deceased. One evolutionary biologist ...
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Viewpoint: Pseudo-science alert—Zac Efron’s ‘Down to Earth’ Netflix series spreads anti-GMOs myths

Kara Weisenstein | 
Zac Efron doesn’t say much except “Dude” and “Wow” in his Netflix docu-series Down to Earth. It’s a mostly innocuous show. If you’re ...

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop: Is she trolling us while ‘laughing all the way to the bank?’

Olivia Willis | 
[Gwyneth Paltrow's] Goop first gained notoriety in 2015 when it encouraged women to "steam clean" their vaginas (you already know ...
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Stepping in Goop: Gwyneth Paltrow’s Netflix series promotes ‘junk science, gibberish and unproven health claims’, says microbiologist

Beth Mole | 
In the third episode of Goop's Netflix series, a female guest remarks that we women are seen as "very dangerous ...
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Viewpoint: Netflix’s new horror movie ‘Eli’ is a fright. But why did they have to ‘tarnish gene therapy’?

Ricki Lewis | 
Attempts to treat genetic disease shouldn’t be the stuff of horror films ...

Viewpoint: 5 popular Netflix documentaries serve up pseudoscience about agriculture, chemicals and nutrition

Ross Pomeroy | 
Netflix brought in $15.8 billion in revenue in 2018 in part because the streaming service floods subscribers with a deluge ...
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Viewpoint: Netflix’s ‘Okja’ perpetuates stereotypes about food, farming and scientists

Alison Van Eenennaam | 
The popular Netflix movie is a disservice to important agricultural research aimed at producing more food with fewer resources, writes ...
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Viewpoint: Netflix movie Okja stokes unwarranted GMO fears, promotes anti-science worldview

Michael Rosch | 
The film about a fictitious evil corporation called "Mirando" that genetically engineers dangerous "superpigs" for food encapsulates all of the ...
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