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Mind games: Do placebos have a place in modern medicine?

Doctors in Australia commonly give their patients a placebo treatment intended mainly to ease their minds, according to a new ...
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Worried about low T? Treatments may be a costly placebo—and could even hurt you

Testosterone therapy does little to counter the effects of aging. But it does have the potential to be harmful for ...

Why you could be genetically programmed to respond to placebos

Confounding drug research, some people appear genetically programmed to believe the placebo they take during drug trials actually works ...
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Rewiring the brain and what’s happening when we’re ‘thinking ourselves better’

A self-help skeptic is confronted with evidence — anecdotal and scientific — that we may be able to think ourselves ...
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Could a fake surgery really make you feel better?

Did you know placebo surgery occur? Some believe they are the next realm of understanding more about the effect of ...
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We know the placebo effect is biological. Is it also genetic?

We know that the placebo effect is in part biological: expectations of receiving a palliative leads to brain changes. Are ...
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Time to stop treating men and women the same when it comes to drug treatments

Studies have shown that males and females metabolize drugs differently, suggesting we should be spending more time studying those differences ...
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Why Americans respond to drug placebos more than any other nationality

Remarkably the placebo effect--a fake treatment in which a person taking an inactive substance like sugar, water or saline solution ...
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