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Could genetically engineered, nitrogen-fixing crops replace polluting synthetic fertilizers?

Everyone has heard of the nutrient, nitrogen, but why is it important to plants? It's a key ingredient in proteins, ...
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Air pollution dramatically harms childhood brain development

Between 1981 and 1989, 26 outbreaks of asthma were reported in [Barcelona] with many cases centred around the harbour. Local ...
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Plant-based bottles could help slash 300 million tons of plastic pollution

Beer and soft drinks could soon be sipped from “all-plant” bottles under new plans to turn sustainably grown crops into ...
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Have regulators failed to address agriculture’s fertilizer pollution problem?

Everywhere Randy Souder looked, he saw mud. On his soggy fields. In the mechanized crannies of his planter. Along the ...
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We can sustainably feed 3.4 billion people. Study shows 4 eco-friendly farming practices will help produce food for 10 billion

Global agriculture puts heavy pressure on planetary boundaries, posing the challenge to achieve future food security without compromising Earth system ...
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China cleaning up 25 million acres of polluted farmland to meet soaring food demand

China has shut more than 1,300 heavy metal enterprises since 2016 as part of a long-term plan to curb widespread ...
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Soot in the womb: Research suggests air pollution threatens developing babies

Breathing in polluted air may send soot far beyond a pregnant woman’s lungs, all the way to the womb surrounding ...
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Does air pollution contribute to poor attention, memory problems for kids?

Over the past decade or so, in both animals and humans, in the lab and in the real world, scientists ...
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Tumor ‘black box’ could pinpoint the cause of each patient’s cancer, researchers say

The cause of cancer is written into the DNA of tumours, scientists have discovered, in a breakthrough which could finally ...
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Pollution from corn farming linked to 4,300 premature deaths annually, study claims

A study published [April 8] in Nature Sustainability shows how deadly [corn] can be. And eating it isn’t the killer; ...
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Crops engineered to consume less nitrogen fertilizer could protect vulnerable ecosystems

Rice, wheat and other grains that have been bred to produce larger harvests using less land have been critical to ...
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Does air pollution reach the womb, eventually leading to heart disease and shorter lives?

New research gives expectant mothers reason to be more cautious with air pollution, which can cause damage to the critical ...
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