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People with PTSD may have trouble suppressing memories—good and bad

One question the researchers want to explore through the lens of the [November 13, 2015] Paris attacks is why some ...

Something you want to forget? CRISPR could be used to ‘delete’ traumatic memories

Good memories give us a sensation of warmth and hope for better times, but bad memories can cause serious trauma ...
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Party drug ‘ecstasy’ could be the answer to years of searching for a PTSD treatment

A once-rejected rave drug finds a new healing purpose ...

Non-addictive version of ecstasy ‘party drug’ emerges as potential treatment for PTSD, anxiety

MDMA, or ecstasy, once had the reputation of exclusively being an illicit party drug popular at raves and dance clubs ...

Our brains as hard drives—could we delete, modify or add memories and skills?

Research suggests it might one day be possible to tweak our brains -- eliminating traumatic memories or granting new skills, ...

Can genetic screening help identify soldiers less likely to suffer post-traumatic stress disorder?

Research offers new support for the idea that genetics can play a key role in determining why some people develop ...

‘Unlearning fear’: Why women are twice as likely to experience PTSD

[W]omen — both civilians and women from the military — are more than twice as likely as men to suffer ...
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World War I gave us our first personality test—to assess soldiers for risk of shell shock

Shell shock ultimately sent 15 percent of British soldiers home. Their symptoms included uncontrollable weeping, amnesia, tics, paralysis, nightmares, insomnia, heart ...
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PTSD and other psychological traumas may increase risk of cardiovascular disease

People coping with psychological trauma have a heightened risk of developing cardiovascular disease, a large-scale study finds. Researchers used national ...
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Can traumatic memories be ‘erased’ with anesthesia medications?

Erasing memories has always been the stuff of science fiction and wishful thinking. After all, what happened, happened—your experiences are solidified in your ...
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Podcast: How AI is boosting treatment of PTSD

Only about 10% of the individuals with mental health issues in the US are getting any sort of treatment that ...
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Why post-traumatic stress disorder in children can be diagnosed as autism

All I knew at first was that Jeremy’s mother wanted her son assessed for autism. The boy had been a ...

Looking for a connection between autism and PTSD

Having autism can sometimes mean enduring a litany of traumatic events, starting from a young age. And for many, those ...
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Gender and the brain: Are there hardwired differences between men and women?

The idea that genders are different in a neurological sense is picking up considerable momentum in the hard sciences. It could have ...

With imaging advances, brain researchers no longer rely on cadavers and freak accidents

The increased use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) as a research tool could lead to better understanding of a wide ...
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