Viewpoint: Activist ‘armchair’ farmers keep life-saving technology out of Africa

Juliana Agbo | 
Farmers in more developed climes use sophisticated technologies such as robots, temperature and moisture sensors, aerial images, drones and GPS ...
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Video: Unnatural is better—How technology keeps us healthier and living longer

Alex Berezow | 
American Council on Science and Health microbiologist Alex Berezow takes on one of the most pervasive myths on social media ...
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Viewpoint: Intensive ‘industrial’ agriculture boosts farm productivity, promotes environmental sustainability

Alex Smith, Caroline Grunewald | 
It's important to be honest about the benefits of farm consolidation if we value keeping food prices low, combating climate ...
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Why we need to be skeptical of claims about the benefits of brain wearables

Megan Thielking | 
[Brain] wearables are touted as ways to curb stress, sleep better, boost creativity or athleticism, or even address serious medical ...

Market for agricultural robots expected to hit $87.9 billion by 2025

Joe Green | 
A new report by market analysts and consultants Tractica has said that global shipments of robots designed for agricultural use ...
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How the USDA could help foster a technological ‘revolution’ in agriculture

Barclay Rogers | 
Anyone paying passing attention to the agricultural sector understands that it is in the middle of an “agtech” revolution. Innovations ...
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Podcast: How AI is boosting treatment of PTSD

Jennifer Strong | 
Only about 10% of the individuals with mental health issues in the US are getting any sort of treatment that ...

Viewpoint: Agroecology is a ‘dead end’ for African farmers trying to achieve food security

Nassib Mugwanya | 
For the past 50 years, Daisy Namusoke has grown crops on her small plot of land in the Buikwe District ...
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Vibrating wristband gives deaf people a new way to ‘hear’

Steven Kotler | 
Housed inside a wristband slightly bigger than a Fitbit, the Buzz has a microphone that picks up sound and a ...
4 expanding technologies that could help boost crop yields and preserve the environment

4 expanding technologies that could help boost crop yields and preserve the environment

Donald Marvin | 
The scope of [agricultural] advances during the past three years is nothing short of astonishing. Today’s growers now have at ...
Specter ThePerilsandPromisesofGene DriveTechnology

Viewpoint: Why gene drives should be left in the hands of nonprofits

Kevin Esvelt | 
Gene drive and other methods of editing the genomes of wild organisms could save millions of lives and prevent billions ...
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‘Precision farming’ could slow climate change and unlock $250 billion in profits for farmers

Bhaskar Chakravorti | 
There is a long list of global problems to combat, including hunger, drought, poverty, bad health, polluted water and poor ...
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Teen farmer challenges myths about GMOs, ‘factory farming’

Avery Plote | 
Growing up on a production agriculture farm .... I help to produce the food that we enjoy on a daily ...

Teenagers view scientific innovation as key to sustainable farming, UK survey shows

Four out of ten teenagers feel that their generation should be much more interested in where their food comes from, ...
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Video: Biotech could drive sustainable economic growth, but public support is crucial

Susan Watts | 
“We should all be doing less. We all need to chill.” It wasn’t an obvious rallying cry for delegates at ...
Urban Produce Indoor Vertical Garden

Urban food ecosystem: How vertical farms and 3D-printed food could feed world’s growing cities

Banning Garrett, Fred Davies | 
In the next 30 years, virtually all net population growth will occur in urban regions of developing countries. At the same ...

Talking Biotech: Know Ideas Media gives scientists platform to discuss future of food and farming

Kevin Folta, Nick Saik | 
Canadian filmmaker Nick Saik is taking the 100+ hours of footage he recorded for his Know GMO documentary and turning ...
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Talking Biotech: Kevin Folta on fruit breeding—and being the target of anti-GMO activists

Chris Barbey, Kevin Folta | 
University of Florida's Kevin Folta on fruit breeding and defending modern agriculture--and himself--against anti-technology activists ...
climate change

Tampering with nature is how humans can avoid extinction

David Warmflash | 
Technology causes problems and yes we've been irresponsible to the very environment that keeps us alive. But it can also ...
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