Did you hear the story about the GMO that almost destroyed the world?

Did you hear the story about the GMO that almost destroyed the world?

Andrew Porterfield | 
An old myth has resurfaced that a GMO almost destroyed all life on Earth — but what's the real story? ...
screenshot one map shows how many coronavirus tests each us state has done so far

‘Deep structural problems’: Examining the US failure to quickly develop a coronavirus test

On a Jan. 15 conference call, a leading scientist at the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention assured local ...

Viewpoint: Coronavirus testing, treatment key to ending national lockdowns

Scott Gottlieb | 
First, the bad news: America’s coronavirus epidemic is only beginning, and the suffering will become more searing over the next ...
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Infographic: US among world laggards in COVID-19 testing per capita, ranking 22

Esteban Ortiz-Ospina | 
The available data shows that South Korea has done many more tests than other countries. This suggests that the number ...

DNA testing to reunite separated families—what we learned from the grandmothers of Argentina

Ricki Lewis | 
The idea to use DNA testing to reunite families separated at US borders due to the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” ...
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‘Substantial equivalence’: Are GMOs as safe as other conventional and organic foods?

Andrew Porterfield, Jon Entine | 
GMO critics claim that US regulations rely too much on the concept of “substantial equivalence” when evaluating if food is ...

Regulating fast-moving consumer genetic testing industry is no small challenge

Michael Schulson | 
Submitting a vial of spit to a genetic testing company is easy. Understanding the implications — and regulating the burgeoning ...
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Glyphosate in wine and cereal? Why dubious detection methods undermine GMO scare claims

Andrew Porterfield | 
Two NGO commissioned studies found parts per billion concentrations of glyphosate in wine and oatmeal. Are these findings cause for ...
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‘Bad genes’ may not mean you’ll get a disease

Andrew Porterfield | 
Today, personalized medicine hinges on genetic information on risks of disease. Unfortunately, having a disease-associated mutation may bear little to ...
Warning Pesticides

Fraud or drift? USDA finds 43 percent of organic foods contain ‘prohibited’ substances

Andrew Porterfield | 
Pesticides have been found in nearly half of organic fields. Is this a case of accidental drift, or fraud? ...
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Genetics of depression: Could a test have prevented the Germanwings catastrophe?

Arvind Suresh | 
Major depression affects an estimated 10 percent of the population and often runs in families. Could a genetic test could ...
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