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What can we learn from Mendel’s peas, onions and GM tomatoes?

A quick look at Gregor Mendel's groundbreaking peas, 'junk' DNA and the first GMO crop ...
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Pesticides and Food: It’s not a black or white issue, Part 6: Pesticide residues ― Something to worry about?

Just like anything that goes into your body, it’s the dose (the amount) that matters ...
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We don’t grow enough vegetables to feed everyone a healthy diet, study claims

If everyone on the planet wanted to eat a healthy diet, there wouldn't be enough fruit and vegetables to go ...
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Who should we thank for all those wonderful fruits and vegetables? ‘Not Mother Nature’

Half of the vegetables grown in the United States are from California. “California is famous for three things: “Hollywood, Silicon ...

Lose energy after eating broccoli or taking aspirin? Mystery behind salicylate intolerance

The rare disorder has proven difficult for doctors to diagnose, but some estimates suggest the condition is more common than ...
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