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Regenerative medicine and war: The next breakthrough in treating injured veterans?

Many Americans, and indeed people all over the world, were outraged when reports surfaced this past summer that President Trump ...

Geopolitics of the future: AI autonomous fighting robots could spark a news arms race

Abishur Prakash, geopolitical futurist for the Center for Innovating the Future, discussed the potential scenarios that could unfold in the ...

Can we engineer soldiers to be immune to chemical attacks?

Despite international bans, some countries, such as Syria, use deadly nerve agents against enemy soldiers and civilians. Existing treatments for these ...
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‘Countries have been invaded for far less’: Why the genetic arms race could start a war

Imagine you are the leader of a society that has chosen to opt out of the genetic arms race by ...

‘Autonomous weapons’ based on artificial intelligence could change warfare—and why that’s worrisome

In a new book, an expert (and former U.S. Army Ranger) warns that the world is stumbling toward a scary ...

5 things to fear from artificial intelligence in the future

CNBC spoke with some experts to see what they think are the five scariest potential future scenarios for AI. A common ...

Chasing the ‘warrior gene’ and why it looks like a dud so far

The year is 2025. The US has gone to war. Young Americans are being conscripted in droves, and those with ...

Evolution and war: The ‘deep roots’ theory of human violence

War has long been viewed as a way for societies to acquire wealth and power, even though it often doesn't ...
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Don’t blame evolution for war

Despite the chance of acquiring wealth and power, whole war doesn't make life better. But engaging in a little violence ...
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