As prices for prenatal genome sequencing tests fall, some worry about consequences for families in a real-life ‘Gattaca’

If you could know your unborn child’s entire genetic makeup, would you want to? Researchers believe that tests that detail your unborn fetus’s entire genome will soon be available for under $1,000, putting it within the price point that many people would be willing to pay. One team of researchers worry about the potential ramifications that this knowledge could have, for parents, for children, for families and for society.

Genome sequencing differs from current genetic tests, both ethically and practically, Greer Donley, a law student at the University of Michigan, and her team of researchers say. Current genetic tests identify the risks of certain genetic anomalies for fetuses at high risk of them. Genome sequencing, on the other hand, would be sought by a much larger group of future parents. Most importantly, genome sequencing would drastically increase the volume and scope of prenatal data, including a wide range of genetic traits and disease susceptibility.

View the original article here: As Prices for Prenatal Genome Sequencing Tests Fall, Researchers Worry About Consequences for Families in a Real-Life ‘Gattaca’

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