In defense of eugenics

recent article addressing the subject of Nikolas Tesla, chose to focus on his opinions regarding eugenics.  Of course, this statement is framed in the modern “correct” view, because it is clearly colored by the Nazi atrocities that followed those decades, and from which everyone invariably wishes to distance themselves.

Unfortunately, I expect that this belief in eugenics is far more prevalent than most people would comfortably wish it to be. One of the 21st century’s dressed up version of eugenics is embodied by the transhumanist movement, where the distancing is maintained by pretending as if technology can be neutral enough to achieve this “purity”. Further this is already hinted at by the thought that we may be able to genetically engineer “superior” offspring. Of course, these ideas are all couched in the altruistic verbage of conquering debilitating diseases, and eliminating defects.

However, it is eugenics all the same.  This is the inevitable result of scientific thinking without philosophical tempering.  

View the original article here: Eugenics

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