India under pressure to allow GM foods

India is the second most populous country in the world and consumes agricultural produce marketed as staple food in large quantities. The economic growth has resulted in higher purchasing power of the rich and middle class to consume more vegetables and fruits. The demand for food is not only due to steady increase in population but also due to elevated standard of lifestyle and addition of new food habits. But the Indian policy makers and planners ignored the sector of Agriculture involving primary products and advocated for economic liberalization favouring import of more agricultural produce from foreign countries. This mistake has been committed for many decades.

Irrespective of whether the food is processed or unprocessed, whether it is genetically modified or not, the import of food by India shall alter the trade balance against India. It will tilt in favour of those who export primary products to India.

View the full article here: India under pressure to allow Genetically Modified (GM) foods

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