Vanessa Williams ancestry traced through mail-order DNA test


The following is an excerpt.

The project that first sequenced a human genome in 2000 took 15 years and cost about $3 billion.

Now it takes six to eight weeks and costs as little as $100. Takers include actress Vanessa Williams, who has a long interest in tracing her family history.

Williams jumped at the opportunity to try out genealogy website’s DNA test — a mail-order tube-and-swab kit priced from $200 to $350 that the company says offers customers detailed results in six to eight weeks. Dozens of other commercial labs offer similar testing, with prices from $100 to $400.

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    I did it also. My results were similar to hers–West African 70%, Scandinavia-9%, Finnish/Vogal 12%. Our family is cracking up!

    • alasia min

      she’s more white though