Are male contraceptives on the horizon?

sperm and egg
Image via Discover.

Male contraceptives, for the most part, are tricky. Because just one sperm is enough to result in pregnancy, contraceptives for men must be 100% effective. Now, however, scientists have come up with a new approach to male contraceptives that has shown promising results in mice testing.

According to a new article, “most previous attempts at making a male contraceptive have aimed at producing dysfunctional sperm, but the results have been mixed, and often have unpleasant side effects like a reduced sex drive or permanent infertility. These outcomes, for most men, are unacceptable. So this time researchers have taken a different approach. Instead of interfering with sperm production, they decided to block sperm transportation.”

Read the full, original story here: New Approach to Male Contraceptive Shows Promise in Mice

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