Farmers say they do not feel ‘forced’ to buy GM seeds

Farmers do feel that they have a choice whether to buy GM seeds or not. A popular argument used by those opposed to genetically modified food is that because corporate-owned GM seeds tend to outperform conventionally-produced seeds, farmers are “forced” to buy GM seeds. But when she interviewed farmers, Rohrich found that this is not necessarily the case.

Farmers pick seed varieties based on several reasons, including where their farm is located, what kind of climate they face over the growing season, what traits they desire (pest-resistant, etc) and what yields the particular seeds offer. Their decision to choose GM seeds over conventional seeds is “because of convenience.” GM seeds require less labor, less herbicides and pesticides and fewer passes through the fields. One farmer said that by choosing GM seed, he was able to “solve numerous weed problems.”

All the farmers surveyed stressed that they feel they have a choice to grow whatever they want, based on the needs of their farm. One farmer said that if someone accused him of being a “corporate pawn” for choosing GM seeds, he would “invite them to do research with me…I choose my seed based upon the best variety for my conditions…I choose GM seed because it works for me, not because I don’t have other choices.”

Read the full, original story: Do Farmers Have Choices?

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