Russian parliament considers longshot draft law banning GMO food


The Russian State Duma (the parliament’s lower house) has worked out a draft law which would totally ban the production of genetically modified products in Russia and toughen the control over imports of such products.

The authors of the draft law – Evgeny Fyodorov from the United Russia party and an inter-fractional union “Rossiysky Suverinitet” (“Russian Sovereignty”) – are suggesting that the government should determine what amount of genetically modified substances the imported products may hold. Products in which this amount is exceeded should be banned for importing.

Mr. Fyodorov says his brainchild draft law does not suppose a total ban on imports of genetically modified products, but such imports should be under the government’s control

Read the full, original article: Russian parliament to view draft law on banning GMO food production in Russia


  • Loren Eaton

    Just what the former eastern block needs….a reduction in efficiency.

    • First Officer

      State control of science, mass starvations, untold thousands sent to Siberia for harmless activities….
      Haaah, the good ol’ Soviet Union days !