How anti-biotech groups leveraged fear of pesticides to pass Kauai anti-GMO bill

| | April 7, 2014

The feast of fear that was intentionally served up to pass Bill 2491, the pesticide/GMO regulatory bill, is now serving to feed the small frenzy of opponents to a new dairy farm in Hawaii.

“I am really anxious about the impending Hawaii Dairy Farm plans,” writes Jackie Hoban in a trembling letter to the local newspaper editor. The letter begs our elected officials to “protect us” from certain “environmental disaster” — the same verbiage so frequently uttered in the 2491 fight.

The fear-mongering began in 2012, when anti-GMO nonprofit Hawaii SEED started working with the Pesticide Action Network (PAN) to conduct “drift tests” in hopes of finding evidence that pesticides were indeed blowing in the westwide wind.

It didn't work out as they'd hoped. So they decided to shift their strategy. They set about telling westsiders a story of “epidemic sickness” claiming, unequivocally, that pesticides were making westsiders sick. 

What I find incredibly tragic is how westside residents were intentionally manipulated and used to advance a political agenda, resulting in a bill that does virtually nothing to address any of the fears that were mongered.

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  • Destiny

    Don’t be afraid! – let us poison your environment and your lives for OUR profits.

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