Five farmers on why they use GM technology

A hot topic grabbing headlines recently is GMOs. The technology behind GMOs is fairly new, quite sophisticated and basically misunderstood by the masses. Many consumers view GMOs with suspicion and even fear, and there is plenty of misinformation on the Internet to fuel these emotions. However, there are potential benefits to this technology that may be surprising to some people: Farmers using GMO crops report using substantially less pesticides, water and fuel. GMO technology has enormous potential for solving some of our world’s big problems – such as increasing production to feed a growing world population, or delivering key nutrients to third-world countries.

Consumers should be aware that GMOs have been tested for safety, and a recent review of 1,783 high-quality research studies concluded that they are safe. While that’s reassuring, there still remains uncertainty over why GMOs are used in the first place, and how they might impact our environment. For these questions, it’s best to talk to farmers.

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