Researcher claims one gene can determine which sports you could excel at

There are numerous genetic labs that offer a test to help determine an athletic gene to see what sports one might naturally excel in, including speed or strength.

“It’s arguably the most studied gene for sports performance,” said Dr. Stephen M. Roth, researcher in exercise physiology, aging and genetics at the University of Maryland.

Roth has conducted his own research into the gene. He feels scientists need to do more work to determine ACTN3’s exact role in determining athletic ability.

“There’s evidence out there that it is one of the genes that contributes to sport performance,” Roth said.

In 2003, Australian researchers discovered a connection between the protein producing gene ACTN3 and athletic ability. That led to researchers around the globe looking into the gene to see if it can be used to pinpoint which types of sports a person would naturally play well.

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