New generation of eco-friendly, more healthful genetically modified crops

Most of us who are advocates for sustainable agriculture have a negative view of GMO’s, and with good reason – they often come with pesticides, allergies, patent protection, harmful environmental impacts and a variety of other issues. But what if there are some GMO’s that could possibly make our world a better, healthier and more eco-friendly place? Do the positives out-weigh the negatives? Here are genetically modified foods that have the potential to do a lot of good:

Orange bananas could save lives

These new genetically engineered bananas place a strong argument in favor of GMOs (or at least, the science behind GMOs) and have been dominating the web in the past week. This new banana is orange in color and is enriched with alpha – and beta carotene that turns into the ultimate source for vitamin A once ingested. The super-banana will be able to meet children’s nutritional needs in developing countries where 300,000 children go blind yearly due to a lack of vitamin A and 650,000 die from the nutritional deficiency.

Long-lasting tomatoes could reduce produce waste for farmers and supermarkets

Scientists at the National Institute of Plant Genome Research in New Delhi have discovered that by suppressing the enzyme A-Man and B-Hex that start to accumulate during ripening, the tomato could double its shelf-life to over a month long. This could drastically alter the agricultural industry, where farmers regularly lose over half their stock due to early softening before they go to market and would reduce the amount of waste the supermarkets regularly have to throw away.

Read the full, original article: These 3 genetically modified foods will make the world a better place

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