Oregon GMO label advocates release first TV ads

The Yes on 92 campaign, the largest proponent of Oregon’s labeling measure, launched its first two ads on September 23.

The ad buy represents an early shot in what is expected to be an expensive battle. Last year’s more-than-$30-million fight over a similar measure in neighboring Washington turned into the most costly ballot contest in that state’s history, with roughly three of every four dollars raised coming in after Sept. 1, according to a review of contribution data. Local reports suggest the same may end up being true of the Oregon measure, with about $3 million raised on both sides so far, according to state data.

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One ad features Oregon family farmers and another features Michael Hansen, senior scientist at Consumer Reports, the nonprofit that offers comprehensive product reviews.

“Our job is giving consumers unbiased information, so we’ve read the fine print and we strongly endorse Measure 92,” Hansen says in the ad embedded below. Labeling has not increased food costs in countries that have passed similar measures, and so it won’t in Oregon, he says.


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