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Video: Clearing the confusion over GMOs and hormones in milk

| | December 19, 2014

My youngest sister Kaley is a senior in high school, and she is taking a few college classes this semester. In her college-level English composition class, she was given the assignment of writing a persuasive essay on a hot topic of her choice. She chose to address genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and consumer concerns about GMOs in food.

In visiting with her professor about her chosen topic, Kaley was told that although her teacher didn’t know much about GMOs, she refused to feed her daughter “GMO-milk” because the “hormones would cause her to reach early onset puberty.” Wait, what?

Here was a college-level professor mixing up one misconception about food with another. Somehow she had convinced herself that milk and meat could be genetically modified and that GMO crops contained hormones. Confused? I sure was when Kaley called me to tell me about it, and her essay ended up being a basic explanation of GMO crops as well as a lesson in the naturally occurring hormones in meat and milk. I encouraged Kaley to share this Meat MythCrushers video addressing concerns about hormone use in beef production.

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